Cirrhosis Diet Plan

A Cirrhosis diet plan is something that everyone with chronic liver problems should look into.  Unfortunately for many people this is one of the leading causes of death in the United

Cirrhosis Diet Best Practices

States as according to some sources this is the 11th killer of people in the nation.


So what should you avoid eating or drinking in order to be in compliance with what your liver can handle?

The first thing you should avoid drinking or consuming altogether is alcohol.  Alcohol is the leading cause of liver failure for many people in this country.

Foods to avoid in your diet plan

Secondly you should avoid eating hard to digest proteins such as steaks, ribs, and fatty pork loins. These protein sources are difficult for many people to digest regardless if they have this disease or not. Rather, it is advised that you instead try to consume vegetable proteins such as legumes or if you must chicken or fish will also be tolerable.

Get rid of that table salt. In fact cut down on your entire salt intake as much as you can. With a diet that is high in sodium you can cause your body to retain water and that puts stress on the liver. Instead of adding salt to your meals it is best to add spices that add flavor. By doing this you will prolong how long your liver can last and hold off any need for a transplant.

While fish is recommended generally for those with cirrhosis it is best if you avoid raw shellfish entirely. The reason being is that this raw shellfish contains bacteria that can cause severe damage to your liver. To be safe always make sure whatever sea food you do consume is cooked all the way through. Doing otherwise will be putting your health in jeopardy.

What to add to your diet plan?

You can add herbs and spices in order to help repair your liver. While many Doctor’s may believe that these herbs do not actually help there is some evidence that counters those assumptions. Some herbs to add to your diet would be licorice root and milk thistle. Of course always use common sense and monitor your health regularly while you take these herbs to help you along your way.

Adding Vitamin E and selenium can also help you with your cirrhosis. There is some evidence that adding anti-oxidants such as those in various fruits and vegetables can also help in repairing any damage to your liver.

Just because you have this condition does not mean you cannot enjoy eating or drinking. In fact the opposite can be true, you just have to change your perspective and add foods you never ate before. By taking on a different mindset when it comes to your diet you will be able to really keep this disease in check.


There is a lot of evidence that you should regularly get your blood tested to make sure you are eating enough vitamins and minerals. Many people with this disease also suffer from malnutrition and that can accelerate any future health issues you may have.



  1. David Huston

    I was cured of Hep C 6 4 months ago. I was in Stage 4 for a while, as I am Genotype 4 (rare in the U.S. I was told that i still have Cirrhosis and be careful.
    I recently moved, as I return to work. I still have Medicare and Humana. I see my new Primary Doc next Friday. I will then get a referral to see a local Liver Doc. I feel that I been eating a good diet (Vegan) mostly for years. I believe that was help sustain during those long “watching & waiting” years.

    • That’s good to hear David, did you begin the vegan diet just recently or did you use it previous as well? Do you plan to use any of the cirrhosis diet ideas with your new regimen or will you stick primarily to the tenets of pure veganism?

      Best of luck to you and do keep us updated please!

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Cirrhosis Diet Plan

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