Cirrhosis Diet Planning

Planning a Cirrhosis Diet?

You may have been led to believe that a simple change in diet is not the solution for everyone. While this may be true, it is a solution for many people. You should always talk to your doctor when considering anything to do with your health. Medicine, however, does not know everything. Lots of medications that are prescribed for a whole host of diseases come with negative side effects and liver issues are no exception.

The liver does not have an infinite capacity to heal itself, but you can “use what you’ve got” to help turn things around in your favor. You need to consider not only what you need to avoid in the way of food and drink, but also what you should be sure to include. These are some of the factors to consider when educating yourself about how to become healthier. Read on for more tips.


As I mentioned above, a simple dietary change is not going to cure every single case of liver cirrhosis. But what if it will work for you? It’s worth a quick look to determine if something so simple and easy can help you out. This is where the Liver Bible comes in, with it’s focus on the Ezra Protocol.

Dietary Changes

Making changes to your daily diet isn’t necessarily a fun endeavor, but it’s also not going to have you eating unpalatable foods all the time either. There are some obvious things to make sure you keep out of your diet, such as alcoholic beverages. This is merely common sense, but bears repeating for the benefit of everyone. Your liver simply does not need the extra stress of processing alcohol.

But there’s also good news- freshly brewed coffee, in appropriate amounts, is recommended as part of your daily intake. You also need the right amount of protein in your Cirrhosis diet, which should come from lean sources. This means you want to cut way down on red meat while concentrating on poultry. Although there are plenty of ideas in the book, ground turkey is a great alternative you might find to like more than red meats. And you can add seasonings (but watch your salt intake!) to spice the flavor up even more.

I created this site to help people get what they need to plan their cirrhosis diet and get feeling better in the fastest time possible. Feel free to look around the site and it’s articles and read up on more information on Cirrhosis in general. If you’re ready to start planning your Cirrhosis diet, you can click one of the links and get instant access to The Liver Bible. Good luck!