Cirrhosis Diet Plan

Cirrhosis diets are easier to plan than most people think. Of course, they are unique but following some simple guidelines can help your liver to heal itself without being overstressed by what you put into your body. Many people swear by the Ezra Protocol put forth in The Liver Bible.I remember about a year ago when my doctor saw elevated liver enzymes- I thought to myself “Geez, I’m only 37, there’s no way I partied enough in college to have damaged my liver”.

Without telling a real long story, it turns out that lots of people acquire problems with thier livers at a young age. In general, we Americans tend to eat a pretty crappy diet and it all contributes to the health of our organs.

Many people have tried the Liver Bible and have given glowing reviews about what it did for them and how it changed their lives. Often, people find that this nutritional regimen astonished their doctors in that it made their liver disease go away.

So liver problems can be reversed, according to my research and experience. If you can modify your diet to heal your liver, I think that’s far desirable to medications that come with their own list of side effects.

The Liver Bible’s use of the Ezra Protocol has reportedly astonished doctors who were not able to make their patients feel better- as always, your mileage may vary.

People swear by the Liver Bible and it’s accompanying Ezra Protocol. The Ezra Protocol, by the way, is the brainchild of a man named Jacob Ezra (who continued the work of a doctor who originally researched the topic) who pioneered the food plan that has been instrumental in not only making people’s livers more healthy but actually reversing the damage.

In fact, more than one person has testified to the efficacy of this program in helping them go from needing a liver transplant to having the proverbial new lease on life. Use the links below this artice, in my reference box, to find more information about the Ezra Protocol, the Liver Bible and how to plan your Cirrhosis diet.

Best of luck to you and get yourself feeling better soon!

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