Diet and Cirrhosis

liver-_CLIPAREA.com_-_Fotolia.com_largeHere’s a helpful article on cirrhosis and your diet.

“Cirrhosis is a degenerative inflammatory illness that leads to hardening and scarring of the liver cells. The liver becomes unable to function properly due to the scar tissue, which prevents the normal passing of blood throughout the liver. The increasing loss of liver cells interferes with the organ’s capability to process vitamins, hormones and drugs and slows down the creation of protein and other significant materials produced in the liver.

The most typical cause of cirrhosis is excessive alcohol intake. Liver disease caused by alcohol consumption is the fourth leading reason for death among individuals aged 25 to 64 in the world. causes of liver cirrhosis A less frequent reason for cirrhosis is the hepatitis C virus. It is believed that many individuals have hepatitis B and C, and about 85 percent of these may go on to develop chronic liver diseases, including cirrhosis. A fatty liver can also lead to liver cirrhosis. However, there are some natural ways in which you can treat liver cirrhosis. Silymarin, found in the milk thistle plant has been found to repair and rejuvenate the liver.

Burdock root, dandelion and red clover help in repairing the liver by cleaning the bloodstream. causes of liver cirrhosis Alfalfa can help to build a healthful digestion tract and is a great source of vitamin K. It can help to prevent bleeding as a result of vitamin K deficiency, which is common with cirrhosis. Aloe vera can help to clean and heal the digestive tract. Drinking a cup of aloe vera juice each morning and night helps to repair the liver. Toxins accumulate in the liver and are excreted through the colon and kidneys. Hence, always keep your colon clean.

The liver has to work two times as hard if you are constipated. causes of liver cirrhosis If cirrhosis is serious, consume only fresh fruits and veggies and their juices for fourteen days. Increase intake of foods high in potassium, like bananas, blackstrap molasses, dulse, kelp, prunes, raisins, rice and wheat bran. Include the following in what you eat: almonds, brewer’s yeast, grains and seeds, raw goat milk and products based on goat’s milk.”

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Diet and Cirrhosis

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