Cirrhosis Diet: Vital Facts And Information

It’s vital to plan your Cirrhosis diet carefully in order to not only keep healthier but to feel better.  So many people who are diagnosed wcirrhosis-diet-menu-plant-proteinith liver difficulties worry that they won’t be able to enjoy eating any longer.

Fortunately, that simply isn’t true.  The goal of this type of diet is to provide your body with the nutrition it needs in a way that does not inordinately tax the liver.  There are many options for accomplishing this which can be modified to suit just about anyone’s palate.

You’re going to need to work with your doctor and make sure she is on board with your planning of meals- it’s helpful to print out a few ideas and bring them with you to your next appointment and plan from there with the blessing of your physician.

When planning your diet, it’s important and helpful to understand two factors:

  1. What to include
  2. What not to include

First off, regardless of what factors are responsible for your compromised liver, you must cut out alcohol.  Alcohol is like poison to your body and it’s up to the liver to filter this toxin.

Liver Cirrhosis Diet

Progression of Cirrhosis

But alcohol isn’t the only thing which can tax your liver- protein, sweets and other nutrients can be particularly rough on your liver.  Remember: everything that you ingest, liquid or solid, must pass through your liver- it only makes sense to be sure to give your liver the biggest break

from difficult to process food and drink.

It’s not difficult to plan this type of diet, once you’ve become an educated patient and you’re aware of what will and will not work for your body.

Even those nutrients that are necessary and should be included in your diet plan must be cautiously regulated.  One example is protein, which has an important role in the repair and growth of cells.  But if your liver is severely damaged, you will need to make sure your protein sources consist of vegetable sources, which are easier on the liver.

Remember that drugs also pass through your liver and will need to be addressed in more detail by your doctor, nutritionist and/ or pharmacist.  Drugs are beyond the scope of this article and are best addressed by your healthcare provider and are only mentioned herein to introduce the topic to the reader.

Without further ado, let’s look at an example of one possible meal plan!

Cirrhosis Diet Sample Plan  

Cirrhosis Diet Sample PlanOf course, this is only one generic plan- you need to carefully construct your own diet plan in order to properly meet the needs of your body while not aggravating your condition (we have plenty of the specifics list on this page).

This can be done with the help of a nutritionist or dietitian in collaboration with your doctor.  Of course, it always bears repeating, your doctor is your first source of information and you should always consult her before proceeding with any changes.

Aside from planning on your own, there are plenty of good cookbooks on the market which can be helpful in making sure you have delicious meals that you can prepare in advance.

Another option is a program known as The Liver Bible.  This program centers around the Ezra Protocol, which is designed to meet the needs of the body as well as the palate without harming the liver, allowing for quicker repair of the damaged cells.

Debra Elkin has compiled this information into her Liver Bible, which is intended to help in the reversal of Liver Cirrhosis.  This is a complete Holistic program that is essentially “Plug and Play”, ready to implement right away.

Some folks go right out to the store and start stocking up on what they need right away.  You might be surprised to find that this type of diet isn’t comprised of foods that taste like cardboard but have many delicious ideas.

Actually, this type of diet would benefit just about anyone.

Debra’s program might not be for everyone- you might be more comfortable designing your own program or asking a dietician to design one customized for you.  Other folks might prefer to do their own research and find out what works best for them.  In this case, be sure to follow the tenets of the diet in order to prevent harming your liver further.

If you do like the idea of trying Debra’s program, there really isn’t any risk to it- you can try it out, see what you think and then you have a full 60 days to return the program.  You might also like the idea of the the bonuses and access to one on one help with Debra.

Any way you look at it, planning is a major part of your Cirrhosis diet.  The best patient is the informed patient who is ready to take charge of their condition and put themselves on the road to recovery.


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