Cirrhosis Diet: What to Include In Your Meal Planning

Cirrhosis Diet: What to Include In Your Meal Planning

Welcome back to this two part article on what you should and should not eat when planning your Cirrhosis diet. This article will detail some of the foods you do want to include in your daily eating routine so that you can get yourself feeling better most quickly.

You’ve heard of cholesterol being bad for you (some is, some isn’t) but all things in small doses is the name of the game here.

The protein in an egg can actually help your liver to repair it’s own damaged cells. Hard boiled is the way to go, once a day (like I said, everything in moderation), to make sure you get all you need.

But, as with everything, don’t overdo it. The protein still has to be processed and you don’t want to overtax your body.


Here’s a tip: if you don’t like certain foods but know you need to include them, try putting them on other foods. If you want to have a salad, for instance, but you’re not a salad person, try cutting up a hard boiled egg and adding it to the salad for extra taste- you might even put a little salt free seasoning on it to make it more palatable.

Next to include is more proteinaceous foods, but not things like red meat. You want the protein without the bad fats, so give steak a pass. Beans and some nuts are a good alternative as well as poultry, but keep an eye on salt and other liver factors. If you want to go vegetarian, then have some tofu- it’s got plenty of protein and can taste pretty good if mixed with seasonings.

Lastly, fresh coffee is actually a good thing for your new diet plan. Be mindful of what you put into your coffee, however. You can use milk, but remember that too much fat is a bad idea for your liver- instead, why not try skim milk? I’ve been using it for years and I don’t miss the taste at all- in fact, these days, if I were given regular milk or even 2% it wouldn’t taste right to me.

So, in this 2 article series I’ve outlined what my research has shown are the good and bad when planning a diet around a Cirrhotic liver.

To sum up, this article has listed the following three foods as “do’s” for your liver:

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Lean protein sources
  • Coffee

I hope you’ve found this information to be helpful in your diet planning. My next article will be about the popular solution to planning your new diet, known widely as The Liver Bible.


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